Church Consultations

Throughout the years I have consulted with hundreds of churches of different denominations, and languages in the southeast. My desire is to help you overcome the challenges you face in growing your church! The process is simple:

  • Identify the problems: Diagnosis
  • Provide resources: Remedy
  • Get jump started on your health journey

ASKING THE RIGHT QUESTIONS: An overview of the church

Who are we? 

Why do we exist? 

What is getting in the way?

Who are the People Group(s) we will reach? 

When you hear “for” the community, what does that look like?

What specific community needs can the church meet and how can that happen? 

How will the church reach the People Groups identified in above during 2023? What are the strategies?

What are the resources necessary to accomplish the Ministry Goals for 2023?

What are the measurables to determine whether the church is on target with its Ministry Goals?